Breast Cancer - Mynurva

Counselling and therapy if you’ve been recently diagnosed with cancer 

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can come as a shock. It can cause all sorts of worries and fears about your future and the impact on your loved ones. Speaking with a counsellor can help you the process what’s happening and provide you with support as you make the next step in your care.

Mynurva is an online counselling platform, allowing you to access us from anywhere. We’re here to help you through. 

tired of waiting

Let us support you with your diagnosis and treatment – speak with an experienced counsellor to receive tailored support

Cancer Support Pricing

1 Session

£ £90.00 Package 1

3 Sessions

£ £260.00 Package 3

6 Sessions

£ £500.00 Package 6

Therapists available morning, lunchtime, afternoon and evening.

Without Delays

No need to wait. Appointments available immediately.


No need to speak to your own doctor to get the help you need.

From Anywhere

No travel. Get help by phone or video link from wherever you are.