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Mynurva Client Stories

Happy People,
that’s what we like.

Our client stories take a look at some of our recent client successes. They highlight the issues and concerns the client had, how they discovered Mynurva and how we helped them on their road to recovery.

Please note, we’ve used stock imagery and the names have been changed to protect the client’s identity.

happy people thats what we like

Meet John

John holds a senior position at a large financial company in the city and he’s coping well despite a very difficult and stressful year. Thanks in no small way to the confidential counselling service provided by Mynurva.

But the outcome could have been very different.

Meet Helen

Helen was a typical mother who was getting a little bit fraught with the competing demands of working and running around after two children. In fact, she was getting quite stressed and that was making her physically ill. But not critically ill, and not suicidal.

She just needed some help.

Meet James

James has been working in the same company for the last six years gradually gaining more seniority and experience. Work was going well until the new intake of staff arrived. Comments on his style of suit set off a train of thought he’d not had since student days.

Was he really overweight and unfit?

Meet Zola

Zola has suffered from insomnia for as long as she can remember. It’s part of her life. She’s always tired and yet struggles to get to sleep.

.Zola started monitoring her sleep pattern with a sleep tracking watch and was shocked at just how little sleep she was getting.

Meet Damian

Damian had worked in sales since leaving college and had worked for several companies gradually gaining more senior roles. He enjoyed the work and enjoyed meeting people. For many years he had driven hundreds of miles each week for meetings.

One day he was in his company car at a motorway service station, about to start the engine when he felt awful.


Meet Tom

Tom decided to get help for his anger largely to keep his long-term partner happy and hoping to salvage their relationship. Tom has been with his partner for nearly 7 years and recently he’d started shouting and being verbally aggressive to her.

This usually happened when something went wrong – when something broke or there was a longer than usual traffic jam.

Meet Angela

Angela has a good job which she used to enjoy. She lives in a nice house with her partner and children. Home life is hectic but, in many ways, Angela knows her life is easier than many of her friends

Everything in Angela’s life should have been good.
But it was not.

Meet Clare

When growing up Clare experienced some bullying at school and started to become more aware of what others thought of her. She developed frequent headaches, especially on Mondays. There might be a bad month, and then all would be ok for a while.

Clare now knows first-hand how CBT counselling can transform your life.

Meet Matt

Six months ago Matt thought the future looked bleak. No-one liked him (or so Matt thought), everything he did at work was bad or worse than everyone else’s work (or so Matt thought) and he looked terrible and spotty (or so Matt thought).

It was in that first counselling session that Matt heard something good about himself for the first time in years.