Anxiety Treatment | A Mynurva Case Study

Clare's Story

“Online video counselling was ideal. There was no worry about leaving her flat.”

Meet Clare

Clare is enjoying her job, even enjoying the commute and enjoying her relationship with her boyfriend. Clare also knows first-hand how CBT counselling can transform your life.

So how did this happen?

When growing up Clare experienced some bullying at school and started to become more aware of what others thought of her. She developed frequent headaches, especially on Mondays. There might be a bad month with headaches every Monday and then all would be ok for a while.

The same happened at university – only it seemed worse. Sometimes the headaches were very bad and were accompanied by a stomach ache and feeling very unwell. Clare went to her doctor several times and was simply told it was anxiety and nothing serious.

The same happened whilst working. Clare took a lot of time off work. In fact, she took so many odd days off work her employer was sure she going to other job interviews. But she was not at any job interview, she was sitting at home feeling terrible. And worried about what to do when she had no more holiday leave left.

Her boyfriend persuaded her to do something about this – maybe he wanted a real holiday! Clare had booked two appointments with her doctor but did not feel well enough to leave her flat. When you are anxious, the thought of walking outside can be too much.

Online video counselling, therefore, seemed ideal. There was no worry about leaving her flat. And it worked. After the first session, she was able to go back to work and then had subsequent counselling sessions in the evening or at weekends.

The counsellor helped Clare in two main ways. Firstly, she listened and understood just how serious this was  – it was not “just anxiety”. Secondly, she helped to develop coping strategies.

All went well for the first three weeks after first speaking to her counsellor. Week 4 was less good and another day at home. But Clare was able to talk with her counsellor that day and get help quickly and even to learn from the ‘relapse’.

The outcome?

Since getting help Clare is no longer taking holiday to cover up for her anxiety. She is using the CBT she learned to be more in charge of her life and dismiss the negative thoughts. She has also joined a gym and is eating more healthily.

The biggest benefit of Mynurva?

Being able to get help from your own flat was invaluable, in fact essential

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