Insomnia | A Mynurva Case Study

Zola's Story

“Mynurva’s evening counselling appointments were ideal.”

Meet Zola

Zola has suffered from insomnia for as long as she can remember. It is part of life. She is always tired and yet struggles to get to sleep.

In the past, she tried sleeping pills but was advised not to use these long-term due to side effects, and she thinks she had got used to them and they were no longer being helpful.

Zola started monitoring her sleep pattern with a sleep tracking watch and was shocked at just how little sleep she was getting. She thought tracking her sleep patterns might help – but it did not. It made the insomnia worse by knowing just how bad it was. It also made her increasingly irritable during the day with colleagues and friends.

After a few weeks, the ongoing irritability turned into increased anger and frustration. After reading some blogs on anger and the link between this and insomnia, Zola decided to talk to someone about this.

Zola liked the idea of being able to speak to a counsellor late in the evening – as evenings dragged on an on into the night. Video counselling via the internet seemed ideal.

The initial counselling sessions started looking at issues of insomnia and frustration. Looking at ways of being less frustrated was helpful. But in some ways, insomnia and frustration were the symptoms and not the cause of the problem and Zola was able to make use of the confidential counselling to discuss the real underlying issues.

The outcome?

A little more sleep and a lot less frustration and anger. But best of all, feeling less tired during the day.

For Zola, the fact Mynurva offers evening counselling appointments was ideal. This fitted in very well for someone suffering from insomnia.

Mynurva offer a range of packages to suit all needs.

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