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For GPs

The General Practice Forward View set out plans for a review of primary care through to 2020 to achieve “more convenient access to care, a stronger focus on population health and prevention, more GPs and a wider range of practice staff, operating in more modern buildings, and better integrated with community and preventive services, hospital specialists and mental health care.”

Convenient access to care has focussed on creating evening and weekend appointments and accessing digital services, putting extra pressure on already overstretched GPs who are also being asked to reduce the flow of patients into A&E departments. Throw in a pandemic and the situation is getting worse, not better.

The nation’s mental health is also at an all-time low with a mix of worries, health issues and concerns about job security and redundancy escalating…


But how are you to diagnose and assist patients with mental health concerns within a normal appointment slot? They may not even present with a behavioural health issue initially. Can you be certain those with serious mental health conditions aren’t just slipping through the net? Are you worried some patients simply aren’t getting the help they need as waiting lists for mental health counselling can be months not weeks? 

Are you worried some patients simply aren’t getting the help they need as waiting lists for mental health counselling can be months not weeks?  



Mynuvra is working alongside primary care providers to offer an affordable expansion to your existing care. Referrals to our therapists are completely confidential and designed to meet each patient’s needs. GPs can access patient reports via the online dashboard, or we can provide specific reporting back to the patient’s GP. And if we believe the patient requires more specialist care, we can provide a referral letter to enable them to quickly access the support they need.

Mynurva has been supporting private individuals, global corporates and NHS patients since 2017 and has a proven framework to support your practice and your patients that need quick and easy access to qualified therapists.


MindCareNow powered
by Mynurva

MindCareNow is a low-cost video (laptop or mobile) or face-to-face counselling service offered under the umbrella of the NHS which has been running since 2017. It’s a mental health service that is flexible and easy to access.

Patient Benefits

  • Fast – video call appointments available within 24 hours
  • 7-day access (including evenings & weekends) to UK-qualified therapists
  • Available anywhere via smartphone, laptop or tablet
  • Simple online booking system
  • Completely confidential
  • 24/7 access to multilingual self-care digital resources

Practice Benefits

  • Immediate, affordable mental health care for your patients
  • Frees up valuable GP time for patients with physical conditions
  • Administrator alerts to patients in danger of self-harm
  • UK-qualified therapists
  • Custom-branded gateway to Mynurva’s service
  • Custom-branded newsletters, mental health tips and guides provided
  • Dashboard for reporting, monitoring and analytics (all content is aggregated and anonymised)
  • Secure end-to-end encryption and GDPR-compliant
  • Reduced admin burden – bookings made direct
  • Cost management options – you set the budget parameters
  • Fully Covid-secure

Our therapists

All our UK-qualified therapists are experienced across a wide range of medical disciplines, are multilingual and can provide fully accessible behavioural health care.

Next Steps

To find out more about how our ‘powered by Mynurva’ University Partnership could help you provide high-quality mental health support to your students and faculty, call us on 0203 322 8176 or email for a callback or to request a brochure.