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How does Mynurva work?

Mynurva allows you can book therapy sessions online and pick the best available time for your session. This means you can book a time that suits you and works around your busy schedule.

We work hard to find a therapist that provides you with the support you require. You will then be sent an email with a secure link to video chat with your therapist at the agreed time. The video chat can take place smart phone or computer.

Anger Management

So, what is life like now?

“There are some times when life is still difficult – but I am coping better. Not always – I am still learning. But the outlook is much better than before. I’d recommend Mynurva to anyone in a senior business position who is struggling with the demand of both work and family”.

How quickly did you see improvements?

“Strangely, I noticed the improvements on making the initial booking – even before speaking to my counsellor. But the relief after the first session was huge. Just being able to talk was good. It can be very lonely when you are in a senior position in a company – you cannot admit any weakness.”

Your Health Matters

1 in 6 people would benefit from therapy

What can Mynurva treat?


Most people feel anxious at times. But if these feelings are very strong, last a long time or impact your life then you should seek help.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be very frightening. When the fear of having a panic attack restricts your everyday activities  it is time to get help. 


Although we all get angry from time to time, if anger is impacting your work and relationships it can be helpful to have some confidential help.


It is normal to sometimes feel down, but if you feel continually sad for weeks or months you may have depression. About 10% of people suffer from depression, and talking to a therapist helps recovery.


Stress has a major impact on work and health. We can cope with a certain amount of pressure, but when this becomes too great we lose the ability to cope and become ill.


Bereavement affects people in different ways, and will usually be difficult. When the feelings of grief are impacting your work or relationships many months later, it may help to speak to someone.


Mynurva can help with the ongoing counselling therapy for those recovering from Anorexia or other eating disorders.


Not being able to sleep has a major impact on work and relationships. Counselling helps replace the thoughts that prevent sleep. 

Low Self-Esteem

Continually feeling worthless or unloved is not normal, but moving away from these feelings can be difficult. Talking with a therapist can help with this.

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