5 simple self-care tips for autumn and winter

Physical Wellbeing

During the autumn and winter months, there are much to look forward to – pumpkin spiced lattes, hot hearty soups, hot chocolates, the possibility of snow, Christmas and the list goes on. It also means welcoming colder weather and shorter days with less sunlight.

Some may find these colder months a wonderful time of the year but for some, it can be a challenging period of the year. Don’t fret, here are some small yet effective things you can do to help you get through autumn and winter.

  1. Warm beverages, baths, hot water bottles, and more!

It may seem like a simple thing, but warm drinks like tea, coffee, and hot chocolates can do wonders. Imagine inhaling the aromas from drinking a warm cup of herbal tea or enjoying a cup of hot chocolate to warm you up when it’s raining outside. How relaxing does that sound?

Warm baths and hot water bottles are also great ways to feel relaxed and more comfortable.
Get cozy with your favourite sweater, fuzzy socks, and keep a hot water bottle with you to keep you warm and comfy throughout the day. Take a warm bath to finish the day. It will help you relax your muscles, destress, and improve your sleep quality.

  1. Candles and essential oils

Lighting candles or burning your favourite essential oils will lift your spirit naturally. They create a pleasant and cosy environment at home that will help you relax and sets you in a better mood.

Some essential oils such as lavender and chamomile are known to help keep you calm, reduce anxiety and depression, and even improve sleep.

  1. Get Creative

Cold, dark, and rainy days mean less chance for you to get outdoors, so you will most likely be at home either binge-watching shows or simply getting bored.

Why not get creative instead? Whether that be arts and crafts, learning new skills like playing a musical instrument, writing, blogging or starting a home DIY project are good activities to get those creative juices going.

  1. Move around and stay active

Stay active and move around as much as you can. I know exercising and staying fit during the colder months is not ideal and sounds dreadful, but there are so many benefits to staying active, even if it means just a twenty-minute walk down the park or a short at-home yoga.

  1. Eat healthy and supplement

You are what you eat!

It’s easy to be tempted by easy-to-prepare ready-meals, takeaways, unhealthy snacks, and comfort foods in the colder months.

This is a good time to remind yourself that having a good diet is crucial throughout the year, and especially during the colder seasons. You need all the nutrients to keep you healthy. What you eat can also impact your mental health so it is crucial to keep to a nutritious diet year round.

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