5 tips for eating healthy when you are feeling down


Appetite is easily affected by one’s emotional state. Feeding yourself can become one of those unbearable things to face when feeling depressed. Don’t get trapped into a vicious cycle of unhealthy snacks and soda drinks. A few simple tips will help you keep the bad habits away when feeling down. Keep reading!

Cook and freeze

Okay, you may not be the winner of Master Chef but surely you can cook a few dishes. Cook your favourite meals on those days you are most motivated and make some extra portions to freeze! Do the same with your leftovers from your daily meals and you will always have something healthy and homemade to eat right out of your freezer when the bad days come.

Exchange food with friends/family

We know that social life may be a bit off-putting on these days but don’t be ashamed to ask for a bit of help. Your family or friends will be happy to make things easier for you. So, if depression is making cooking feel impossible, grab the phone, call someone who will be happy to help and ask for the biggest favour ever: to share their food with you! You could also ask them to do a quick grocery shop to keep you going for a few days.

If the idea of calling someone is not that appealing, you could use a groceries delivery service. No need to go out and face the crowds – buy online and get your veggies delivered to your door.

Take away

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself when feeling depressed. Order your favourite meal from your favourite restaurant and enjoy the yummy food.

Easy recipes to prepare

There are plenty of easy to prepare recipes that you could try. What about an omelette? Omelettes are quite flexible, and you can add nearly anything to them – just look in your fridge: onions, eggs, cheese? You are sorted!

You could also organise a list with ‘dump recipes’ and have them on hand when those bad days hit.

Cooking as a therapy

Why not try cooking as a relaxing activity? Cooking encourages creativity and makes you feel good. It has a sense of immediate gratification and it’s been proved to help people suffering from depression or anxiety.

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