5 tips to feel confident

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Feeling confident is easier said than done and has a huge impact on how we feel. Our confidence also has an impact on how we come across to people daily.

Whether you are in a group of friends, at work, or trying to make yourself feel better, having confidence has a positive impact on everyday life. Read more to find out how you could get on the way to feeling more confident.

Believe in your abilities

Sometimes we may spend too much time comparing ourselves to others around us and forget our own strengths.

Take the time to value your worth – it is only when you begin to believe in yourself that your confidence will begin to shine through.

Stay positive

Having a positive mindset will increase happiness and encourage you daily.

If you look to wake up every day with a positive mindset and have faith in what you can do, you will be more likely to succeed in reaching your goals long term.

A positive mindset will allow you to get more done daily. Additionally, you may feel that you are much happier throughout the day as you are upbeat and are able to influence others with your vibe.

Practice mindfulness

Just being mindful and meditating 5 minutes a day can make a huge difference to the way that you think and feel.

Even if you feel that you do not have any time to yourself, you do not need any equipment to meditate! For example, some areas where you can collect your thoughts and reflect on your day are:

  • On the tube or bus to work
  • In the gym
  • Whilst walking
  • Whilst cooking
  • In the shower

There is no specific time and place that is required for you to be mindful. It takes little of your time but could be embedded into your daily routine. Once you become used to the changes you have begun to make, you will begin to feel better about yourself and see things around you differently.

Avoid negativity

Avoid thinking negatively about yourself or others. Negative thoughts, from the beginning of the day, will begin to influence how you behave and how you behave around others.

Turn your thoughts into positives ones and try and find things which you like about yourself. Telling yourself good things daily will assist in increasing your confidence even more.

Talk to others and socialise more

Socialising with others will allow you to blossom and learn from others. As you talk to more people, you discover different personalities. Socialising with others enables you to get an insight into how others may perceive views or life in general.

So why not get yourself out there? Speaking to people may be the best way you can discover more about yourself. Not only does it allow you to learn about your personality but it also allows you to speak to and reach out to others that you may not usually.

Making minor changes to your day can impact you and your behaviour. It will allow you to feel more positive about yourself and, as a result, increase your confidence.

Increased confidence is a major factor in how you feel about yourself long-term and allows you to grow as a person. 

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