Are your friends bringing you down?

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Worried your friends are bringing you down?

Throughout our life we all experience change, forcing us to progress in our work and personal life continuously. 

Friends and family are the people who surround us in these important times of our lives. 

We have all experienced a fallout with our friend/s, however sometimes this develops into more than an argument but actually a fundamental difference in personalities. It can be hard to accept that those who have been part of your life for a long time are drifting away from you or may even influence your life negatively. You might start having doubts about how you feel towards them and them being in your life.

If you feel like you need to distance yourself from a friend, and are not sure how to approach this in a sensible manner, keep reading to find out how to approach a broken friendship.

1. How to know if friends are bringing you down?

Top signs:

  • Criticise decisions you make
  • Aren’t happy when you tell them something you are happy or proud of
  • Always have an opinion about your actions
  • You no longer share goals and ambitions
  • Are not willing to put in an effort meet you
  • You try very hard to keep conversation going when you do meet up

 2. Have a talk

It is worth discussing your concerns with your friends if you really feel that you may be drifting apart.

If they aren’t understanding or willing to try to acknowledge your concern, it may be the best solution to  distance yourself for a while or suggest a solution to maintain your friendship. 

3. Distance yourself

If you feel that your friends are having a negative impact on your life and you need to have a break from them, it may be worth actively making the decision to bring yourself away from your friends in situations.

Although it may be hard to distance yourself from friends you have had a long time, if you feel that this would benefit you in the long term, it is worth it for yourself. It is important to focus on yourself and your health.

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