How to deal with work when feeling depressed

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You are exhausted because you can’t sleep, have difficulty focusing at work, feel irritable and have lost your self-confidence. Any of the above or a combination of all of them. Is that how you feel?

Going to work can be a real challenge under these circumstances and the last thing you need is your job suffering because of it. We have put together a few tips that you can easily follow to improve these feelings at work. We hope they help!

Set goals

Try to focus on the high priority tasks that need to be completed that day. Make a list and highlight those that you aim to finish by the end of the day and those that you are planning to make a start on. An important note here: try to stick to it as much as you can!

Do you have a meeting coming up? Make sure you take plenty of notes. Memory retention can be quite unreliable when feeling depressed.

Find coping mechanisms

You’ve already found a way to prioritise your workload and work efficiently. However, those upsetting feelings are making your day hard to get through.

Take care of yourself! Try to develop coping mechanisms that can help you throughout the workday. Whether it is having a coffee with a colleague you enjoy talking to, going for a walk in your lunch break or simply taking some mini extra breaks to do something you enjoy, go and do it! Finding ways to distract your mind from those negative feelings will help you cope.

Be open

Find a trusted friend or relative who can support you through this difficult time. There will be tough days but being open about how you feel will help you get some of those negative feelings out of the way. Don’t stay into your shell – being distant from those who love you will make things even harder. Grab a good time for them to talk, relax and tell them how you are feeling.

If you are having a challenging day at work, take a break, dial their numbers and talk to them!

Take your time

Be kind to yourself. Don’t ignore your feelings and get too busy with work. Leave work at work and make sure you use your spare time wisely. Play with your pet, the kids, watch a documentary, read a book… You name it! Feeling well at home will also help you feel more motivated at work the next day.

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