How to improve your bedroom and sleep?

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Many of us struggle with sleep, but there are ways to minimise the lack of sleep by changing a few things around your bedroom. We have listed a bunch of hacks on how to re-decorate your bedroom and start falling asleep again.

1. Keep your room cool

You may be the exception, but most of us should sleep in a room around the 18-20 degrees mark. This is when your body is at a good temperature, allowing you to have a rested night. If you sleep in a hot room without any airflow, you may experience a restless night and wake up feeling dehydrated and having a blocked and dry nose.

2. Get blackout curtains so you can have a dark bedroom

Buying blackout curtains could be the most satisfying buy. With plenty of colours and patterns,you really are spoiled for choice so what is your excuse? Having light in your room, from the windows, TV or phone can interrupt your sleep cycle, preventing you from being fully rested and having the sleep you need. If you haven’t already got some go get some now!

3. Wash bedding regularly to keep fresh and keep allergies away

Washing your bedding should be on everyone’s weekly to-do list, but many of us keep it for 2-3 weeks before washing them. This should be avoided, not only do they get dirty and home your bacteria, dead skin and hair, it can also affect your allergies. Find a day in your week when you have to time to give your bedding a good wash and air out.

4. Choose a soothing wake-up call

Waking up with an alarm clock that sounds like a police siren is seriously scary and being pulled out of your sleep like that is very unpleasant. In fact, it is actually quite terrible for you as it does not allow you to wake up correctly. Choose a soothing alarm or an alarm which works with light to be able to wake up gently.

5. No mobile devices!

Having your phones, laptops and whatever other devices you have in your room before going to sleep has a lot of disadvantages. The light from these devices boost alertness and suppress melaton in production, making it difficult for you to fall asleep and keeping you up.

6. Separate your bedding

If you are lucky enough to share your bed every night with someone that is great. However, we know that sharing a blanket with someone else can be a real challenge so if it gets to the point where you can’t sleep properly anymore we suggest you get rid of the big duvet and buy yourself two separate ones. This doesn’t mean you can’t snuggle up it just means, in the long run, you will be sleeping longer.

Follow these tips and tricks to achieve a good night’s sleep as well as making your room more decorative.

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