How to set a goal and achieve it

Mental Wellbeing

If you are struggling to achieve your goals – be it fitness or career goals – you may want to consider changing your approach to how you set your goals. The recipe to successfully achieving your goals is to have a strong foundation in how you set your goals. It starts with specifically identifying your goals and planning how to achieve them with realistic strategies in place. 

Here are a few tips you can adopt when setting your next goals to ensure you can achieve them:

Begin with smaller goals

When the goal you are setting is too vague, you may risk overwhelming yourself with all the things you need to do in order to achieve that – which can leave you feeling demotivated. Try listing down all the baby steps you need to take along the way – this allows you to think more clearly and visualise where you can change. 

This technique also helps you formulate your goals in a positive manner and will make your goals less overwhelming and achievable.

Tell your friends or colleagues

We often underestimate how much the people we spend our time with can influence our behaviour towards goal setting and achieving them. Your friends and family and even work colleagues could provide you with a steady support system when you face problems throughout your journey. It allows you to share your ups and downs and motivate you to keep going – which can be helpful when you are struggling to stay on track.

Re-evaluating your goals

As time passes, we may be susceptible to interruption from our daily lives so it is vital that we re-assess whether the goals we have set are still relevant. This will allow you to stick to the goals that remain relevant to you and move on from the ones that are not. Don’t be discouraged if your goals change or become irrelevant over time, people change and so does what you want to achieve in your life. 

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