Is your appearance affecting your confidence?

Mental Wellbeing

We tend to think that suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or other conditions like anorexia can have a negative impact on our appearance and the way our bodies function. Even though this is true, we sometimes forget that our mental health can also be affected by the way we see ourselves. Do you know why you feel fat or ugly at times? Have you identified the triggers that are causing these feelings? We tell you all about this and how to stop these feelings from having a negative impact on your life.

Identifying the triggers

Do you know what the triggers for those bad feelings are? When you have negative thoughts about your body, think about what you’re feeling and where those thoughts might be coming from. Are you feeling stressed about something else? Anxious? What is really making you feel that way?

Self-esteem and body image are not in the mirror but in our heads! Remember that when feeling down and try to find the reason behind it to stay focused.

Treat your body with respect

Occasional negative thoughts are not the only bad consequences of thinking poorly of ourselves. People with weight preoccupations are more likely to develop depression or anxiety symptoms. Mind and body are truly connected, and both need to be worked on to improve the way you feel. The best way to prevent negative feelings is to maintain a healthy body image. Loving the way you are and caring for your body, (without getting obsessed!), is definitely the first step to feeling better.

Eat well-balanced meals, and exercise. Exercising helps you feel good and strong. Don’t use exercise as a way of controlling what your body looks like but as a way of relieving your negative feelings.

Think positively

Being around negative people is always detrimental. In our culture, the way we look takes up so much space in the media and in our heads. If you have people around you who judge others based on what they wear and what they look like, you need to keep your distance! Negative comments about others can have a really bad impact on how we see ourselves. If you are the person making these judgemental comments, try to substitute them with kind and positive thoughts. Start your journey by seeing the positiveness in others, and this will help you be more kind to yourself.

Be comfortable with who you are

You are unique, so why should you bother with comparisons? Try to be who you really feel like being. Wear the clothes that make you feel comfortable – this is better than wearing those ‘popularly accepted’ outfits you can’t stand!

Seek support

If the way you feel about your body is making everything harder for you, maybe you need to seek professional help. There are ways to train your brain to feel better, and if you can’t find the way, professional therapists can! Don’t be afraid of talking to someone who can really understand how you are feeling and how to offer the support you need.

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