Pushing through mental barriers when exercising

Physical Wellbeing

Do you enjoy exercising? Or do you find it a challenge? If you have ever exercised even the slightest, you will understand how hard it can be. You may have to push yourself to last the first 15 minutes, but this is normal!

Just adapting your mindset could change your progress through fitness. As a result, you will feel the benefits of exercise for both your physical and mental health.

Whether you are looking to achieve your best fitness levels or reach your goals – exercising could be made much easier for you! We have compiled a few interesting tips which can help you reach your full potential.

Motivate yourself

This is the first step to making sure that you can push further and progress with your skills. Whether you are going for a run or lifting weights, you are in control of what you achieve from your workout.

Before you begin, try and have some goals set for what you would like to achieve:

  • Why are you working out in the first place?
  • What do you want to achieve after this workout?
  • Are you focused on fitness or aesthetics?
  • How happy would you feel if you did more than you thought could?

The most important thing is to believe in yourself and your abilities. If you believe you can succeed, there is nothing stopping you from working your hardest and pushing through fitness barriers.

Constantly remind yourself

When exercising, remind yourself why you are there. Although you may feel like you can no longer take any more and are working to the best of your ability, keep going!

It is all mind over body when you are in the gym and you can do much more than you think. Unless you have some physical set back such as pain or have been advised by a doctor to take it easy – always see where you can push yourself with your fitness.

Motivational quotes

Having some reminders on your phone or as a screensaver allow some to keep committed to their goals and fitness. This may work for some while others may feel that it doesn’t help at all.

Alternatively, looking at some inspiring images and stories on the net can also provide you with a push if that is what you feel you need.

When working out, some motivational quotes and reminders such as those below can be just the push you need:

  • ‘You can do it’
  • ‘Keep going, do not give up’
  • Think of the results

Although exercising is a difficult process, once you get started, it will get easier. You have to remind yourself why you even began in the first place. Additionally, constant reminders of what you will achieve and how much better you will feel afterwards will also help you get through the challenging moments.

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