The Positive Side of Starting Over

Mental Wellbeing

Starting over is never an easy thing. Whether it’s your career, relationships, or other things in life, we sometimes find ourselves stuck in situations where our only option is to accept our downfalls and start over again.

But starting over is not always a bad thing.

Firstly, it’s okay to be worried and anxious about this – it’s okay to give yourself time to process and recharge. Secondly, I think it’s important to know that the majority of us will go through this, so this article is here to help you think of starting over as a positive aspect of your life and to convince you that it’ll all be okay.

Don’t be afraid of failure and know that it doesn’t define you. Learn from it and turn it into your strength. We so often focus on what we have lost but forget about how much we have grown and learned.

  1. Remember how people say, “failure always comes before success”? Use this mantra to shape your perspective. No one succeeds in life the first time. So, see it as you being one step closer towards you achieving your ultimate dream.
  2. See it as an exciting new chapter of your life, a fresh new start. Often when we start over, we tend to challenge ourselves to get out there, meet new people, create new habits, try new things, and more.
    Be excited about this! Create vision boards or write about where you want to be in months or years. This is an opportunity to shape your life into the one you have always planned for.
  3. You can now say to yourself that you are better than yesterday. Changes usually trigger progress. Now that you have accepted a new chapter in your life acknowledge how much you have learned from your past. All of your successes and failures have shaped you so far. You have grown and matured, and now you are ready to tackle the world and let yourself be known for the person you are now.
  4. You will know what to avoid. From bad habits to draining relationships, you will have an idea of what caused your failure in the past. And it is always better to be aware of these things so you can avoid them and focus on creating the new and improved you.
  5. You are now much clearer about your life values. You will be able to look at certain things in your life from a different perspective, and with this, you will be able to reinforce your life’s values.
  6. Lastly, you are a much stronger person. Overcoming a not-so-pleasant stage of your life means you went through it and came out changed but for a stronger person for it. And now, whenever you are struggling with something, you can remind yourself of what you went through and what you are capable of.

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