The transition from student life to adult life

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The transition from student life to adult life

Living at university is fun. You may have just grown in independence, made new friends and enjoyed time away from home. Who doesn’t like waking up at midday, having little responsibility and the freedom to eat pizza for breakfast? This is an exciting time in our lifefor many of us, but when it ends, some of us may feel lost.

Although it may seem that you have no idea of what is to come next, read more for key tips to keep it all together post-university life!


After you finish university, it’s important to establish a routine which will allow you to have a focus. Instead of sleeping all day and continuing your student routine, you will now have to face the real world.

Get your CV ready

It’s time to polish that CV of yours! Whilst at university you may have had time to focus on part-time and volunteer work and this will contribute towards constructing a valuable CV.

However, if you decided to go down the route of enjoying university life, fear not! Everything you have studied, including various modules has provided you with great transferable skills that can be outlined on your CV.

Find a summer job

Although the temptation to do nothing and chill may still be there, finding a job will not only provide you with a routine but also a stop-gap until you are able to find a graduate job.

Graduate jobs

If you are looking to apply for graduate jobs, it is worth looking into what you want to do. Some career paths may require you to go through a long application process, so spending the time to understand what it is companies are looking for and want from you is important.

You can do it!

Even if you are feeling lost, a summer break after university is a period where you can collect your thoughts. Take some time to prepare for your adult life as it will be an exciting period!

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