The ultimate desk hack for a productive day

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You spend most of your life at your desk, so wasting your time on hating your desk seems pointless. Creating a fun and organised desk for yourself can give you a great sense of achievement and positivity, allowing your creativity to be boosted throughout your working day rather than feeling miserable about where you are.

We give you 10 hacks on how to make your space more fun and organised.

Keep your desk tidy

Making sure that your desk is tidy can create a much more work-friendly space for yourself. It gives you the sense of control and achievement of your work.

Use organisational draws to store away paper work + folders

Having a desk that is organised can be of great advantage, especially when considering the time, you will save searching for that document you can never find.

Keep a little plant

Enjoy some colour and life with a little plant on your desk. Try and find an easily manageable one, and especially make sure you have one that won’t trigger an allergic reaction for one of your colleagues – that won’t be very fun!

Get an inspirational calendar for your desk

Nowadays you can walk into almost any kind of shop and you will come across a product with an inspirational quote written on it. Why not get a calendar where you can keep all your meetings and tasks together with a fun quote you like?

Hang up postcards

To make your desk even more colourful you could hang up a selection of postcards, maybe add some postcards of places where you have been previously and have good memories or hang some up for places you would like to visit. This gives you a great motivation to work hard and will keep up your creativity.

Use post-it notes

If you are a fan of making lots of notes, get yourself a big block of colourful post-it notes and use them to make note of any outstanding tasks or meetings you have to attend. Not only will they keep your desk more organised and will help you work more efficiently it will bring some great colour to your desk.

Get a funky mousepad

If you love using a mousepad but are bored of the one you currently have, buy yourself one that has more colour and brings some positivity to your desk. You could also customise it and have a picture with your family or partner on it.

Get a mug that’s colourful and fun

Find yourself a mug that is fun and colourful, so you can enjoy drinking your coffee even more during the day and continue a successful work day.

Enjoy healthy snacks

Have some healthy snacks on your desk, so if you feel a little bit hungry you can have a little snack and don’t lose your concentration before lunch. We suggest a banana or maybe some rice cakes.

Hopefully all of our tips will help you in one way or another to have a great day at the office, getting as much work done as you can possibly do.

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