Tips for stress-free London underground travelling

Physical Wellbeing

Commuting is a huge part of life for many Londoners. Especially during early hours of the morning and after work.

Travelling with other commuters in tight spaces can become a chore. It can lead to unwanted stress every morning, that can leave you feeling flustered once reaching work.

Although travelling through tube and over ground is essential, there are tips that could help make your journey smoother. Keep on reading to find out how you can make that commute a bit smoother.

Everyday travelling

When travelling, trying to catch trains on time and getting through crowds of people can get tough. It can especially become challenging trying to keep calm whilst you have to travel in to work during peak hours.

Instead of dreading the travel, there are a few changes that could easily assist in making your journey more enjoyable. For example, some that we recommend are: 

Listen to some music

Why not make a playlist for your morning travel? Listening to music whilst travelling is one way to forget about packed train and overwhelming amount of people.

It can be great for taking your mind of everything and help you remain calm throughout your journey.

Read a book or newspaper

If you are a reader, grabbing an interesting book is an alternative way to take your mind of the long commute. Diving into a book instead of worrying about timing and not having a space on the tube could help keep your nerves calm whilst also captivating your interests.

Reading a book every morning could also be a way you can catch up on reading that you may not have time for after work! So, why not make use of this travel time?

Focus on your breathing

If travelling makes you feel panicky and nervous, focusing on your breathing can assist in soothing you.

Focus on taking a deep breath in and a deep breathe out. This may be useful to help turn your attention away from any anxieties you get whilst travelling.


There are many meditation apps that allow you to mediate 5 -15 minutes whilst on the tube. This can be timed to suit you and can be used even underground without wifi.

Some of our favourite apps are:

  • Headspace
  • Calm
  • Meditation timer pro
  • Buddhify

Read advertisements

As silly as it sounds – sometimes reading the adverts in tubes can be very insightful! Not only will they take your mind off things, but they can either open your eyes to a new way of thinking.

Sometimes reading advertisements may just give you some new ideas for work or business! So, keep your eyes open as they may just be the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Manage your thought process

Travelling can be a time where you can think about your current moment and where your headspace is. So, making the use of your time every morning could be time that you allow yourself to take a break from everyday busy times.

Why not use this time to relax and forget about your surroundings? Instead of thinking of travel as a stressful and chaotic time in the morning, use it to begin your day in a positive way.

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