Tips to help decrease employee stress

Mental Wellbeing

More than a third of the UK workforce are experiencing stress and anxiety whilst at work. Since the workplace is one of the main places you spend most of your adult life this makes this statistic shocking and can effectively be diminished. All of us can relate to stress. So, why not help your employees?

You can take steps to minimise the effects of stress in your workplace by, for example, being mindful and knowing how to handle situations in a more structured and controlled manner.

We have listed 5 ways you can reduce stress in the workplace for your employees.

Trying to reduce stress within the workplace will:

  • Make staff more focused and productive
  • Ensure that staff is happy and healthy
  • Decrease levels of absence
  • Improve the overall standard of work

Spotting when staff may be experiencing stress or anxiety

As an employer, it is important you have the ability to see or realise when a member of staff, or a particular piece of work, is not up to the usual standard. This could indicate the possibility of them not being able to cope with the work and needing assistance or guidance from yourself.

Taking steps to reduce work-related stress

Create an action plan to figure out what the issues are; are the employees unhappy with your communication and support, or are there personal disputes within the office? Ask your employees what the issue is and find an open-minded solution with all staff involved.

Offer an informal conversation & your personal help

If you have seen a change in a particular member of staff offer them an informal conversation. Allow them to share their issues and concerns and offer your personal help or advice to let your staff know that support can be given when necessary.

Monitoring the situation

When you have been able to manage the situation, do keep monitoring to find out whether your action plan was successful or whether it has still not solved the whole problem. If your support and offer have helped the issue, ensure you continue giving this.

Evaluating how you can create an open & stress- free environment for ALL

Figure out with your team what measurements can be taken to create a stress-free and open-minded environment. Perhaps a weekly team meeting or a monthly team dinner can help. Generally having stress-relieving activities can be an advantage.

Take your time to consider these options for your team or employees to ensure that you are not faced with stressed staff, but instead, have an open-minded and efficient work environment.

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