How to eat healthy on a budget


Nutritious food, in hindsight, can be very expensive and may put you off eating a balanced diet which includes fruits and vegetables – especially when you’re on a tight budget.

However, there are many ways in which you can stretch your budget and still eat nutritious whole foods. Here are some tips on how you can eat healthy on a budget:

Plan your meals

When you go to the supermarket with no plans of what to eat throughout the week, chances are that you will overbuy and have a lot of food leftover at the end of the week. 

Pick a day in the week where you plan your meals for the upcoming week alongside the groceries you need. Only buy the groceries you will use. This way, you cut costs on the things you don’t use. 

Meal prep

Meal prepping has become a trend in recent years. This is probably because of the benefits it brings in cutting costs. Clear your schedule on one day of the week where you prepare your lunches and dinners in one batch. By doing this, you are less likely to be enticed to have a meal out as you already have food ready for you.

This tip especially benefits people with busy schedules!

Buy frozen

There is a misconception that frozen fruit and vegetables are less fresh and nutritious than fresh ones. However, they are just as nutritious and are often cheaper and last longer. Frozen fruit and vegetables are picked at the peak of their freshness and then frozen to sustain freshness. This is perfect for a quick and nutritious breakfast smoothie.

Buy generic brands

Most supermarkets carry a premium and a generic option. By opting for the basic option, you can shop within your budget while receiving the same thing. This is because all food manufacturers follow a standard to provide safe food hence, the generic options offer almost the same quality, for less.

Don’t shop when you’re hungry

When you go to the supermarket hungry, you are more likely to stray from your groceries list and buy something on impulse. Additionally, you may also gravitate towards processed foods that are not good for your body. Try to make sure that you are not hungry before your next food shop.

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