Weight training vs cardio training

Physical Wellbeing

Many of us are still unsure of whether weight training or cardio training is the most effective for weight loss. In reality, both have their own advantages and disadvantages in improving your overall physical health.

Depending on your fitness goals, both will benefit you differently. 

To this day, it is assumed that cardio is the most effective way to lose weight. However, weight training is just as effective for losing weight. With the right workouts and a balanced diet, weight training can actually be the more effective way to lose weight more efficiently.

Cardio training burns more calories throughout your workout


  • More calories burnt during the session
  • Great for low intensity workouts
  • Continued exercise (no disruptions)
  • Doable anywhere (does not require a gym)


  • Injuries and strains from cardio exercises like running
  • Difficult to stay motivated and focused throughout the workout
  • Not enough as a single exercise regime

Weight training burns more calories after your workout


  • Converts fat into muscle mass
  • Improve your metabolism after your workout leading to more calories burnt after workout
  • Muscle gain and fat loss will happen simultaneously


  • Fewer calories burned during sessions compared to cardio training 
  • You may hurt yourself when weightlifting as it requires precision and you may need an expert to guide you
  • You may need a gym – high cost

We would recommend weight training if your fitness goals are to lose weight. If your fitness goal is to condition your body, then cardio training will be more beneficial.

Due to the continued burning of calories after your weight training session, it tends to be the most effective in achieving fat loss. It will also assist you in building muscle mass easily. However, if you are striving for a well-rounded health regime doing both types of training are beneficial. Through the cardio sessions, you will be able to burn more calories as well as improving your conditioning. Ideally, you can alternate between your weight and cardio sessions, this allows your body to rest from the weight training but continue burning calories efficiently.

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