Where are the best running locations in London?

Mental Wellbeing

Whether you fancy a jog at lunchtime, on a Sunday afternoon, or just for your weeknight run, London is the perfect place to go for a scenic run. Whether you like running through a beautiful park, past the top sightseeing spots or in the quieter places of the city you will find it in London. Exercise has great advantages in keeping your mind and body positive, stress-free and healthy. So why not try one of the best running places in London, to let your mind wander.

Regents Park

In the Regent Park all fitness levels can be satisfied, if you wanted to make it more difficult for yourself, aim towards Primrose Hill and be rewarded with the amazing view of London from there. It is about a three-mile run if you run the whole way around the park.

Hyde Park, Green Park, Kensington Garden

Come to the famous royal parks to take in the full beauty of London, and its beautiful scenery. Start anywhere that is most convenient to you, but if you want a good starting point we recommend Green Park station and go on from there to run a ‘circle’ passing Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street. This run could last for three-miles.

River Thames

Start on Westminster Bridge, and head towards the Millennium Bridge cross over and run along South Bank until you end up at the Tate Modern, and turn back. This is about a four-mile circle run, passing some of the most iconic places in London, and always being next to the River Thames getting fresh air. Enjoy!

Greenwich Park

For those of you who like a challenge, Greenwich Park has lots of hills so if you want to practice your sprinting this is the place for you. On top of that Greenwich park offers you with the most beautiful views of London and its skyline. Avoid coming here on a sunny weekend as it is bound to be very full.

Richmond Park

If you are looking to run somewhere outside of central London visit Richmond Park, and go off into the woodlands, and use the popular Tamsin Trail to make the best use of this iconic park. You can also just let yourself go and explore the fantastic forest surrounding you.

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