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Student Counselling

The Issue

Despite being fun and a great experience for most, for some, University can be a tough and lonely journey.

There are many pressures associated with your time at university and not all relate to the workload and pressure to achieve. If you are having difficulties and feel like you need to speak with someone, Mynurva is here for you.

We offer confidential support, wherever and whenever you need it. Mynurva will match you with a Qualified U.K Based therapist who will help you deal with the feelings you’re having and put you on a path back to more positive outlook.

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Student Package


6 Sessions

Tailored to Students

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Mynurva Provides

The right support

Mynurva provides access to fully qualified and background checked Therapists and Counselors throughout the UK.

The right time

Sessions run for 50 minutes. You can set up a counseling session with your Therapist at a time & date that suits you.

The right place

Your sessions take place securely online via video or audio. So, not only is therapy cheaper, it's also more convenient.


Your Therapist

Mynurva’s qualified therapists will help you develop new perspectives on life and teach you skills to cope with your circumstances. Your sessions will develop your skills to help you assist you with feeing yourself from problematic habits and/or destructive behaviours & identify the emotional triggers that are causing problems. Your dedicated therapist will teach you how to improve the quality of your relationships and assist you with getting your life back. We are here to help you live better.

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Happy Customer

“I was nervous beforehand, but my Mynurva counsellor quickly put me at ease”

Happy Customer

“Speaking to my Mynurva counsellor from the privacy of own home was helpful. Thank you”.

Happy Customer

“A huge weight has been lifted already. I am really looking forward to my next session”