Good Mental Health is an Asset

Ensure your team’s mental health and wellbeing with Mynurva’s all-in-one platform.

The right program for your organisation

Mental Health Support for Business

Mynurva provides therapy to your employees regardless of their issue. Work-related mental health problems can be reduced as productivity improves.

Student Wellbeing Service

Offering Mynurva’s services to your students provides them with an equipped platform to access help when they need it – wherever they are.

Presurgical Mental Health Assessments

Mynurva can provide your patients with the required preoperative psychological assessments which ensures that your patient makes an informed decision.

Mental Health Support Charities

Your members are dedicated to the cause. Show your dedication to them by providing the mental health support they need.

EAP for Mental Health

Helping you meet your duty of care obligations with a reporting dashboard which can free up valuable HR time with secure end-to-end encryption therapy sessions.

EAP Wellbeing Service

By including Mynurva into your clients’ health and wellbeing strategy, you will help improve productivity and employee retention.

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