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Each appointment is up to 50 minutes long and starts on the half hour.

It’s very similar to when you see a personal trainer at a gym or a physiotherapist for helping after a physical injury. A set of appointments allows new techniques to be learnt, practised and improved. Everyone responds at a different rate, so there’s no simple answer. The NHS recommends starting with six appointments as this shows a significant improvement for most people.
If you have used up all your purchased appointments you can purchase more as required, whether this is just one more or several more. And remember you don’t need to use them straight away – they will last up to one year from date of purchase.
Yes – it is possible to just use an audio connection and, at any point during the appointment, it’s easy to turn off/on the video or the sound. You may find it is easier with video as you can communicate using many non-verbal signals. Your facial expressions, hand and body movements form a helpful part of the dialogue especially if you find talking difficult.

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Our highly skilled clinical team have experience ranging across the private sector and the NHS. We can treat the following:

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