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Everyone gets anxious at times and it can help us function well but it can become a problem when it
Self-care is key to maintaining good mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.The body, mind, and self change moment by moment.
Encouraging employees to practise self-care is key to reducing burnout and ensuring your employees stay happy, healthy and thrive.
The founders of Mynurva had the benefits of digital therapeutics in mind when founding Mynurva.
The pandemic has inevitably led to a rise in mental health problems. In November last year, the Health Secretary mentioned
With further advances in growing technologies healthcare support has become more accessible as it can be accessed on digital devices.
With the influx of news coming at a fast pace, many would struggle with their mental well-being as they get
While burnout has similar symptoms to stress, its impacts are longer-lasting, relating to both mental and physical health, as well
The UK press continues to push the need for more mental health provision by highlighting areas of demand.
An expat’s life can present a unique set of challenges including a greater risk of mental health problems. Often, they
Mynurva's latest partnership with insurance broker, Protectus Health.
Digital mental health is a rapidly expanding market with the market-place being over-crowded by wellbeing apps and online services.