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Mynurva provides online support and therapy for all.
If you are looking for fast, accessible services online, Mynurva is just for you.

How it Works

Choose Your Package

You can choose how many sessions you will like. Whether you are looking to book one session, a recommended 6 sessions or more. Take your time to find out what works best for you.

Book a Time

When you have chosen how many sessions you would like to book, we will provide you with available times for your session. Book a time that suits you and works around your working and busy lives.

Your Own Therapist

We will work hard to find a therapist that will provide you with the support you require. During each session, you have the freedom to talk about what you want and get on the step to positivity.

Mynurva allows you to:

  • Get therapy from the comfort of your own home.
  • Access Leading therapists with a touch of a button.
  • Make a positive change to your life.
  • Anonymous, confidential, discreet and secure.

Mynurva provides

Right Support

We know that the right Therapist can be hard to find. Mynurva provides access to fully qualified and background checked Therapists and Counsellors throughout the UK.

Right Time

Sessions run for 50 minutes.
You can set up a counselling session
with your Therapist at a time and date
that suits you.

Right Place

We believe in making things easy. Your sessions take place securely online via video or audio. So, not only is therapy cheaper,
it’s also more convenient.

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