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Mynurva’s partnered with a number of charities namely RedArc and Veterans Woodcraft. We create personalised plans that are tailored to the number of members and needs of your charity. Big or small, we can curate a plan for your organisation.
Your members will gain access to secure, end-to-end encrypted video therapy with a UK-qualified therapist. We ensure member confidentiality with no need for a GP or HR referral.
Mynurva provides quick access to our services where your members can be matched to a therapist within 24 hours. Once matched, appointments can be made for the time and day that suits your members most – appointments are available 7 days a week with availability in evenings and weekends.
Your members will be supported 24/7 with a library of wellbeing resources in our Wellness Centre. The resources will support your members in coping with their mental health on-the-go.

Analytics and reports for valuable insights

Wellbeing Reports

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1. Security

Our ISO27001 accreditation ensures that your patients’ data is safe and secure.
Mynurva Team

2. Quality

Our ISO9001 accreditation ensures that your patients would receive the highest quality of care.
Employee Wellbeing Support

3. Risk mitigation

Pre-surgical assessments identify any risk that might impact successful surgery outcomes.

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Online Therapy

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