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Mental Health

Mynurva’s founder and GP, Dr Zain Sikafi, noticed the long waiting times his patients have to endure to access the mental health support they need. Since 2017, Mynurva’s mission has been to solve that problem by making mental health support accessible.

Mynurva Founder and CEO

Our Values

patient centric care

Developing an individual treatment plan focused on what’s best for the client.

challenging the system

Providing mental healthcare without long waiting times, tick boxes and discharge targets. We do what’s best for the individual.

trust respect

We trust the clinician. The clinician will provide the highest standard of care.


For both our therapists and clients, we aim to make accessing therapy easy and hassle-free.


Collaboration and feedback are the core of therapy, as well as working within a team.

clinical excellence

Our clients are why we are here, and our care for them should always be to the highest standard.

What We Do

Mynurva offers fast and direct access to a national network of NHS-qualified therapists via secure online video therapy. Our service is based on treatment techniques drawn from the best practices within behavioural therapy.

We work with Corporations, Universities, Charities, including the UK National Health Service (NHS), across the globe to deliver mental health services and solutions. Our high-quality mental health support provides solutions to an array of concerns ranging from personal to professional issues.

With Mynurva, our partners can expect a custom branded platform to ensure a fulfilling digital experience. We provide a flexible and convenient clinical service that plays a vital role in making mental health support more accessible to all.


A Diverse, Inclusive

We are a team of NHS-qualified therapists, GPs, tech-experts and product managers who share a passion in making mental health support more accessible to everyone who needs it whenever and wherever they are.

Our team consists of more women than men, is diverse and also multicultural – we are a strong, knowledgeable team striving to ensure we provide the highest quality mental health support.

mynurva team
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