Mynurva provides workplace neurodiversity and psychological support services.

Mynurva provides neurodiversity and psychological support services.

Our services include ADHD assessments and diagnostics, as well as access to specialist therapeutic interventions.

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Our service is delivered via our secure end-to-end video platform and can be accessed from anywhere.

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We pride ourselves on offering a high-quality service.

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All assessments are carried out by one of our clinical psychologists, who are HCPC/BPS accredited and hold a clinical doctorate in psychology.

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Our psychologists have experience of working within ADHD/Autism services and undergo regular CPD with the UK Adult ADHD Network (UKAAN).


Our service includes:

Pre-assessment information gathering

Includes self-reporting questionnaires and scales

Assessment and diagnosis

An open consultation that uses recognised tools and techniques to explore a range of topics including presenting symptoms, triggers and daily functioning.

Report writing

Detailed report confirming any diagnosis and recommendations for treatment and ongoing workplace support.

Feedback session

An opportunity for the employee to talk through the report in detail including any diagnosis.

Looking to create an inclusive and supportive culture?

Your neurodiversity partner

No waiting lists. Assessments take place within one week of referral, reducing the impact on your employee’s physical and mental health.

Detailed reports confirming any diagnosis issued within one week of assessment.

We take the time to go through the report with your employee, explaining any diagnosis and recommended next steps.

Our specialist therapeutic interventions are particularly helpful where employees have been waiting some time for a diagnosis.


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