Employee Burnout: The impact and how Mynurva can prevent it

How to detect signs of burnout

While burnout has similar symptoms to stress, its impacts are longer-lasting, relating to both mental and physical health, as well as business outcomes.

Employee burnout normally begins as anxiety relating to work demands but increases to a point where that anxiety causes clinically significant impairment in an individual’s functioning and wellbeing.

Burnout will be apparent in 3 important areas of functioning – physical, emotional and cognitive.

Some key signs of: 

  • Physical burnout: Employees may appear tired, fatigued or lethargic
  • Emotional burnout: employees may lack enthusiasm or motivation
  • Cognitive burnout: employees are easily distracted or struggle to concentrate 

Increases in burnout in the workplace

In the years prior to the pandemic, the rate of self-reported work-related stress, depression or anxiety, and ultimately burnout, had shown signs of increasing.

According to the Health and Safety Executive statistics, in 2020/21, when the pandemic started, depression and anxiety accounted for 50% of all work-related illnesses.

Prioritising Employee Mental Health

Organisations need to start meeting the needs of employees to ensure their wellbeing. This would benefit the organisation because employee burnout is often linked to absenteeism, increased turnover, new disability claims, and increased workplace errors. When employees’ well-being is looked after, cases of employee burnout can be reduced and will be cost-efficient for the organisation in the long run.

Mynurva’s Supportive Employee Wellbeing Platform

Organisations need scalable, evidence-based mental health tools to support their employees.

That is why digital solutions like Mynurva can help organisations ensure their employees have the resources they need to look after their health and wellbeing – wherever and whenever they need them.

Mynurva provides an all-in-one platform equipped with wellbeing resources that employees can access the support they need. The portability of our service allows the employee to have the flexibility to access live video therapy at a time that suits them.

Our custom-branded platform also aids your organisation by providing analytics to allow deeper insight on your employees’ wellbeing and improved productivity. Mynurva’s service can improve workplace health and wellbeing in three core ways:

  • Reduce absenteeism and staff turnover – By providing support to their employees, workplace mental health issues can be reduced and employees will be more motivated to work knowing that their wellbeing is looked after.
  • Improve productivity – When their workplace prioritises their mental health, employees would feel supported to achieve their full potential and help drive organisation-wide improvements.
  • Portability – employees enjoy the flexibility and convenience of our service with access to wellbeing resources and live video therapy at a time and place that suits them.

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