Workplace needs assessments

Our Service

A workplace needs assessment can help identify any challenges an employee is facing and help provide the right support for them to thrive. That may be equipment, adjustments to their work environment, assistive technology or therapeutic interventions.

Our assessors are highly-qualified, with many years of experience.


Our service includes:

Pre-assessment information gathering

Report writing

Assessment and diagnosis

What happens during the assessment?

Workplace Needs Assessments take place via our secure end-to-end video platform.


Our assessor will take the time to talk to your employee, exploring their history and condition, as well as understanding their job role and job description.


Our assessor will explore any specific challenges they are facing in fulfilling their role.


Following the assessment, our assessor will produce a detailed report including a summary of the employee’s condition, any specific challenges they are facing, along with recommended support and adjustments.


Our specialist team of assessors can support across a range of neurodivergent conditions including: