Time to Talk Day 2022

Time-to-Talk Day is an initiative organised by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness. This initiative strives to create supportive communities amongst family, friends and colleagues to open up and talk about mental health without judgement or stigma.

The importance of Time to Talk Day

Over 58% of people who suffer from mental health issues report that stigma and discrimination has hindered them from doing the jobs they want to do (YouGov, 2019)      . 64% of people reported that they have been negatively treated because of their mental health and 60% of them also say that the stigma and discrimination they face is damaging even more than the symptoms of their mental health issue. 

Mental health stigma is a common and damaging issue at the workplace. It prevents your employees from being open and honest about their mental health. This can often lead to them not disclosing to their line managers in order to seek support which affects their mental health further.

Time to Talk Day presents an opportunity for all of us to have a conversation and raise awareness on mental health issues. By advocating against the stigma, we are creating a safe space for all employees to be open and honest about their mental health.

Work Related Mental Health Issues

Based on figures from a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report, in 2020/21, work-related stress, depression or anxiety, amongst other mental health issues, have been the significant reason employees have been taking sickness absences.

There are numerous ways and initiatives employers can adopt to ensure that their employees feel safe and open to raise their mental health issues – they should not be judged based on their mental illness.

Besides participating in Time to Talk Day, employers also need to have a wellbeing solution in place so that employees’ mental health is looked after year round. 

Mynurva’s Digital Mental Healthcare

Mynurva offers a digital solution where employees have access to the resources they need to look after their health and wellbeing – wherever and whenever they need them. The portability of our service allows the employee to have the flexibility to access live video therapy at a time that suits them. 

Our custom-branded platform that supports your organisation by providing anonymised data to gain a deeper insight on your employees’ wellbeing. 

  • Destigmatising mental health – By providing support to their employees, not only does it reduce workplace mental health issues but it also destigmatizes mental health in the workplace. Employees would feel more comfortable at work when they know that their organisation provides help when they need it.
  • Improve productivity – When their workplace prioritises their mental health, employees would feel supported to achieve their full potential and help drive organisation-wide improvements. 
  • Portability – Employees enjoy the flexibility and convenience of our service with access to wellbeing resources and live video therapy at a time and place that suits them

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