Mynurva: NHS Pilot Study

According to the Office for National Statistics, mental health conditions (including stress, depression and anxiety) were responsible for an average of 14% days lost through sickness absence in the UK. This led to a significant increase in demand for companies to implement better wellbeing strategies for their employees. 

Results from a recent pilot run by Kernow Digital Testbed and the University of Plymouth in conjunction with the NHS demonstrated the effectiveness of Mynurva’s service in recovery and how it can contribute to help reduce employee absenteeism.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the report:

Speed of access

Anyone booking their session before 9am were able to receive a same-day appointment.


80% of clients chose appointments within 1-3 days at a date and time that is most convenient for them.

Successful Outcomes

Reliable recovery

78% of clients achieved reliable recovery based on their GAD-7 score and 85% based on their PHQ-9 score.

Reliable recovery is the measure of a final PHQ-9 score (Depression Score) of 9 or lower and an improvement in GAD-7 (Anxiety Score) to a score of 7 or lower. 

These scores can also be demonstrated as where patients have moved from being a clinical case to a non-clinical case at the end of treatment.

Reliable Improvement

85% of clients have achieved reliable improvement after using our service.

Reliable improvement is a variable that assesses how many people showed any degree of real benefit while being treated. 

There is reliable improvement if there is a significant improvement in their condition after treatment, measured by the difference between their pre and post treatment scores on questionnaires tailored to their specific condition.

Feedback from clients

99.5% of clients were satisfied with their appointment based on feedback obtained after each session.

Most also think that Mynurva’s service is fast and efficient in pairing clients with therapists alongside high-quality and end-to-end encrypted video therapy and is easily accessible from any portable device.

If you’re looking for a service that provides fast access to short-term mental health therapy with excellent outcomes, Mynurva may be an ideal addition to your Health and Wellbeing strategy, helping you reduce employee absenteeism and improving productivity.

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