Mynurva’s Latest Partnership with Protectus Health

Mynurva is excited to announce our latest partnership with Protectus Health in providing their members fast access to UK-qualified therapists via secure online video. 

About Protectus Health

Protectus Health is an insurance broker providing unbiased, honest, expert, professional advice service as well as 25 years of experience in providing healthcare insurance. 

Protectus Health and Mynurva provide its members direct access to talking therapies, counselling services and online wellbeing resources.

Mynurva will offer talking therapies and counselling services carried out by a network of UK-qualified therapists. Their members will be referred to a therapist within 24 hours upon registration. Clients can book their therapy sessions at a time that suits them – with appointments available 7 days a week, including weekends and bank holidays.

Mynurva partnership

Therapy sessions are led by our NHS-qualified therapists via secure end-to-end encrypted video and can be accessed from any location – their private space, home or even overseas. This provides flexibility and convenience for clients so that they can improve their mental health with minimal hassle.

“Mynurva continues to make same-day mental health and wellbeing support available through its latest partnership with Protectus. “- Zain Sikafi, CEO

Mynurva’s versatile online therapy platform allows us to expand and provide access to online therapy to multiple partners across different industries. 

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