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Getting help with Anxiety

Mynurva can help you get your anxiety, fear or stress under control. Our trained counsellors have helped others and can help you.

Most people feel anxious at times, this is normal. But if these feelings are very strong, last a long time or negatively impact your life then this is not normal and is known as anxiety. You can get help with this very real condition.

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What is Anxiety

Anxiety starts in the mind but creates very real and tangible symptoms. These are driven by a chemical reaction in your brain that causes a higher heart rate, shortness of breath, delicate stomach, dizziness and sweaty, numb or tingling hands. These are real physical symptoms that can be measured and are not part of your imagination.

What is happening is your body cannot tell the difference between an imagined threat and a real one – so it starts responding as if the threat were real, getting your body ready to ‘fight or flight’. The feelings you experience are a result of increased levels of oxygen being sent to your legs and arms so you can run and fight. And decreasing the oxygen to other organs such as stomach and parts of the brain – so you may feel sick and not be able to think clearly.

It may help to realise that your anxiety-related physical symptoms are your body reacting as it should to a real threat. There would be nothing wrong with these occurring in a real dangerous situation.

The lack of oxygen to the brain can create more uncomfortable thoughts or feelings as well as physical symptoms, and these can include thoughts of not being able to cope, thinking you are about to faint or pass out, about to say something stupid, thinking you want to run away, feeling worthless or thinking whatever you do will be wrong.

These thoughts are unhelpful, and you may be aware of this.
But how do you stop them?

Help with Anxiety

The best way of coping with anxiety is to change the way you think, to recognise trigger factors and to have a plan to ensure your thoughts do not allow the chemical reactions in the brain associated with anxiety to start. This may be a mixture of different thought pattern responses and relaxation techniques, the exact details depending on you.

Sounds easy? It is possible, but most people need supportive help to do this. Counselling for anxiety is very effective and a trained counsellor will help you find the mechanisms you need to reduce anxiety.

“Thank you! With your help, I have now conquered my anxiety. The difference after just two weeks enabled me to stop dreading work. I now feel in control, when I notice the triggers I can control them. I am back in charge and enjoying work again”


Treatments for Anxiety

How can Mynurva help with Anxiety?

We provide qualified counsellors who can help you take control of your anxiety. Our counselling is confidential and private – you can have this in the privacy of your own home. You do not need to go to a health centre or your GP. You do not need to take time off work as we provide appointments at different times of the day or night, weekday or weekend.

Many of our clients have reported a very significant improvement after the first session. Some of this may be the relief at finally having someone to listen and who understands. In subsequent sessions, our counsellors help you build up a strong defence against the specific triggers of your anxiety.

Many who use Mynurva for help with anxiety start with a set of 6 weekly sessions. Some like to purchase a few extra or save a couple ‘for later’ if needed – and we provide this flexibility.

Mynurva aims to provide you with the tools to beat your anxiety – to be in control of it and not let your anxiety control your life.

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