The Benefits of
Video Counselling

Video Counselling

A video link allows you to see and speak to someone, yet remain in your own private space. Video counselling can provide the best of both access to your counsellor and feeling safe and secure in your own space.

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Video Counselling

Video Counselling

No Need to Travel Anywhere

If you live in a remote area, or have difficulties travelling, or are worried about travelling you don’t need to! With Mynurva you can speak with a qualified counsellor without the need of travel.

Flexible time – including outside office hours

Full time job from 8am-6pm? No problem. Child-care weekdays? No Problem. With Mynurva you can speak with a qualified counsellor during the day, at lunchtime, evenings or the weekend.

No Public Health Centres or waiting rooms

Sitting in a waiting room of your local health centre is not always enjoyable. Maybe you are worried about catching cold? Or concerned who will see you and ask awkward questions?

Your health and wellbeing is important, and also, private. It is understandable why many do not like to visit a public health centre. With Mynurva you can speak with a qualified counsellor within the privacy of your own home, or office or where ever you prefer.


Video Counselling connects
you to Real People

Video counselling connects you to a real person and not some automated chat-bot.

There are many text-based online services available using sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) to reply and give some level of support. Some are quite good and realistic, but there is reassurance in knowing you are speaking with a real person and not a computer.

With Mynurva you speak with a qualified counsellor – a real person who is experienced and qualified to listen to you and help you.

Despite the conversation taking place via a secure video chat service, you will be speaking to a professional therapist, who is also a human being, building rapport and allowing you to open up. You can see who they are and read their facial expressions. In return, the counsellors are also able to see your expressions making it easier for them to give you the support you are seeking.

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Taking Care with
Online Counselling

Video counselling is on online service, offered over the internet. You need to be aware of security issues with sharing information over the internet. Some video chat-based platforms are not as confidential as they look, with data being transferred by unencrypted transfer.

With Mynurva, the video platform uses a secure encrypted platform as we place a huge importance on both confidentiality and privacy. Video conversations are private and not stored.

“A huge weight has been lifted already. I am really looking forward to my next session”
Happy Client

Mynurva Provides

The right support

Mynurva provides access to fully qualified and background checked Therapists and Counselors throughout the UK.

The right time

Sessions run for 50 minutes. You can set up a counseling session with your Therapist at a time & date that suits you.

The right place

Your sessions take place securely online via video or audio. So, not only is therapy cheaper, it's also more convenient.