Money worries in the New Normal

Help with money worries as we embrace the new normal

As we transition into the new normal, concerns regarding finances, stress and, burnout resurfaces. According to ONS data (November 21), 62% of adults have reported that their cost of living has increased in the past month – which may have a negative impact on their mental wellbeing.

Research by AXA also found that 5% of individuals have taken time off work in the past year as a result of money worries. Furthermore, 70% of them have also said that they have spent time at work worrying about their finances.

Mental wellbeing and lost productivity

Lost productivity is a huge cost to companies. Mynurva encourages employers and trade unions to provide employees with wellbeing concerns including financial hardship with access to a high-quality mental health service.

According to the Dame Carol Black’s DWP review, the most common benefits of investing in employee wellbeing were increased productivity, reduced sickness absences and staff owner, and improved employee morale.

Mynurva supporting your team

Mental health is an asset. Mynurva focuses on supporting employee wellbeing by offering guidance through counselling and talking therapies. We incorporate a preventative approach by creating a safe space online so your team feels supported. 

Whether it’s financial or personal concerns, Mynurva is here to help. 

Mynurva offers direct access to counselling with no need for a HR or GP referral. 

Our service allows employees to:

  • Access updated and comprehensive library of wellness resources to help with financial wellbeing
  • Self-refer to a therapist within 24 hours 
  • Book an appointment for a time that suits them, 7 days a week, including evenings.
  • Flexibly access the support they need, when they need it – wherever they are. 

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