What to expect on your first
Video Counselling Session

Before your Session

Mynurva will have arranged a convenient date and time for your first session.

You will be emailed a link to access your unique video chat room. Ensure you have access to this link. 

This virtual chat room is only available for you and your therapist for the duration of your call plus a few minutes either side.  Before your appointment time the link will show a holding page.

If this is the first of several calls, have your diary ready to arrange a convenient time and day for the next call.

Mynurva Video Counselling
“I was nervous beforehand, but my Mynurva
counsellor quickly put me at ease”
Happy Client

Initial Contact

At the correct time, open the webpage and click on the “Start Video chat” and you will be connected to your therapist. You will be able to see and speak with them as quick introductions are made.

Initial Questions

Your therapist will ask some questions and listen to you. They will be trying to establish how you are feeling and what it is you need help with. Sometimes you will know what help you need, but you simply know that you ‘need some help’ or ‘someone to listen’ and this is fine.

In your first session any specific questions or queries you have for your therapist can be discussed and reassurances provided where appropriate.

“Speaking to my Mynurva counsellor from the privacy of own home was helpful. Thank you”.
Happy Client
Ways to Communicate

Getting comfy

You can use this video counselling service from your phone, tablet or laptop – choose whichever you prefer. Find a private space where you will not be disturbed and where you are happy to talk.

Mynurva can help!
Speak confidentially with a therapist today.

Tailored Counselling

Tailored to you

Your therapist will tailor the sessions to meet your needs, and not follow a prescribed ‘one size fits all’ pathway. They will be developing a plan to help you in both the short and long term.

End of the call

At the end of the call your therapist will aim to ensure you leave the call at least feeling more positive than at the start of the call. They may leave you with some ‘homework’ to do or specific activities to try. It is also possible to provisionally book the dates and times of the next video session(s).

“A huge weight has been lifted already. I am really looking forward to my next session”
Happy Client
Conversation Notes

Notes of your conversation

The Mynurva counselling service is completely confidential and Mynurva do not have access to or keep any recordings of what has been said. If you wish to keep a record of the discussion you need to make a few notes yourself during the call.

Mynurva Provides

The right support

Mynurva provides access to fully qualified and background checked Therapists and Counselors throughout the UK.

The right time

Sessions run for 50 minutes. You can set up a counseling session with your Therapist at a time & date that suits you.

The right place

Your sessions take place securely online via video or audio. So, not only is therapy cheaper, it's also more convenient.